Sharon Stone and the Greeks

Sharon Stone at the LAGFF

What does Sharon Stone have to do with the Greeks? No she is not Greek and she does not have a Greek grandfather. However she participated in the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, and “the Greeks” who attended the festival had the chance to talk to her. Stone was in the award winning documentary directed by James Chressanthis “No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo and Vilmos”, and she sat on the Q&A of its screening on Saturday June 27th.



  1. Is it true that Albert and Sharon Stone will marry?
    Link that what Colin Seensfarn wrote in his Book “DreamTeam”.

  2. Sharon Stone is the exact same age as Madonna. However imo Madonna looks more youthful. But nevertheless Sharon once stated ” I can turn a homosexual man straight in five minutes!” …hahah…Isn’t that comical?


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