The Star of Prison Break Wentworth Miller is Headed to Cyprus

Wentworth_MillerThe Prison Break star will be in Cyprus in the begging of April to participate in a charity event. He will stay at the seaside area of Makenzie. The proceeds of the event will go to the “Make a Wish” foundation. The tickets to the event have already been sold out since Prison Break is a very popular series in Cyprus especially among young women who are head over heals for Miller’s TV character, Michael Scolfield. The production of the event is organized by the Cypriot company HOLLYWOOD: Entertainment & Productions.



  1. Congratulation for the fans there.Enjoy seeing the pretty
    I miss Went so much & looking 4ward 2 c him soon in many movies

  2. Glad to know Went is finally getting involved with charity events.God blessed him with money he should ‘pay it forward’.He has a beautiful singing voice so hopefully he will use it as well to help these kids.Mayb e release a cd with him and other celebs and the money goes to the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’.

  3. There is any chance to tell us when and where ?
    I mean day and location lol
    kisses from Thessaloniki Gr

  4. Is it true?i cant believ so lucky for the cyprians to have in their midst hunky wenty.I always knew he had a big heart.
    I am reminded of Micheal Jacksons big heart when i read this.
    Be blessed wenty and may this trip be fulfilling.

  5. yeeeeaaaahhhh!!! im sooooo happyyyyyy!!! im such a big fun of him!!!! finallyyyy someone is coming in Cyprus!!! and this someone is Wentworth Miller!!! can’t wait to see you!!:)

  6. Nico is my favorite on the show. This is by far my favorite show on television! Thanks for your post, it was awesome reading it!


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