Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Buy Summer Home on Greek Island of Santorini

According to the Greek newspaper Espresso, star couple Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt bought a summer home in Santorini Greece. The newspaper is citing a local lawyer who appears to be the couple’s attorney on the island and is acting on their behalf. The couple went to the island on a weekend retreat during the Cannes festival and had looked at several properties on the market.

As the Greek paper reported, the couple’s attorney signed the contracts for their new family home on the Aegean island three days ago, and said that they are planning to spend some of the summer in Santorini.

The town of Oia in Santorini

The house is built on a large lot which has even a heliport, and Locals say the house looks more like a castle.

The exterior has the standard design of Greek island architecture and is painted in the traditional white and blue colors.

The structure is  located on the road to the village of Oia,  includes two pools and an open theater.



  1. Pity it’s so far from home. Won’t they look fetching on the off-road 3 wheeler buzzing Santorini tourist haunts with the muchachos?

  2. Ugh, first of all WHY is Greece giving away its islands to the corrupt bankers (mainly Goldmann Sachs) who took over the Greek economy in 1999 by BRIBING our leaders and promising entry into the EuroZone and the adoption of the Euro – and look where that has got us!

    But, now, we have NON-Greeks buying up property and homes there. Yes, I know after 1990 it became LEGAL for non-greeks to buy homes there, but GREEKS need to occupy Greece! Oh, I know, it’s those two because they are sooooo famous. Yeeeees. Well, did you know that Brangelina is part of the Council on Foreign Relations an organization set up in the US years ago to help bring about a New World Order which is DESTROYING Greece!!!

    See my blog:


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