Electra’s New Video Clip is Edgy, Sexy & Shocking

Greek-American rock-pop artist Electra teamed up with Chipotle Films for the official music video of her single “Problem Child”, written by Electra, Mickey Kravitz (Harlow), and Hyland Church (Electra; Harlow; DC4). Chipotle Films with Director Jose Marcelino Ortiz, Electra, and crew took over a sound stage in Los Angeles with a cast of over 100 people.

Producer Mickey Kravitz cast everyday people, drag queens, punk rockers, bikers, glam rockers, models, etc, as the song is about standing up for who you are no matter what you look like, what ethnicity you are, what turns you on, what you do, what you wear, etc! “We are all unique individuals with a different story to share, yet we all live in this same place called earth, sharing the same experience called Life, and need to be treated equally!”
The cast of this video, really connected with the message of the song in a level that for some it was as inspiring as life changing. A gay guy came out of the closet on set and did a kissing scene with another male, for the first time in his life in public. “I am who I am, so let me be” is the message of the song, and the cast and crew really stepped up to the plate, to create a video much inspiring, creative, edgy, sexy, extreme, shocking, and exciting. Los Angeles punk veteran Texas Terri also appears in the video for a guest star cameo.

The “Problem child” video is scheduled to be released on Saturday April 16th, at 10pm, at the Music Video Release Show at the World Famous Whisky a go go! For discount tickets contact: [email protected]

Electra’s EP ‘”Problem child is available on on itunes

For more info visit: www.electrabarakos.com



  1. I wont miss this gotta see the biker scenes.. Electra is hot has an awesome voice beautiful sexy talented and the Music video is going to be hot twisted in a badd ass edgy way..Bass player Yani jams.. The biker chicks shocking scenes as well I hear are heated. ..”I am who I am so let me be” I would love to see Ellen D at this Music Video Release!!

  2. A must see Music Video biker chicks and all..wont miss it! I am Who I am so let me Be.
    “Problem Child” Rocks..


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