Christina Aloupi’s New Film in Hollywood

Christina Aloupi as Penelope in "Four Fifteen"

Christina Aloupi, the well-known Greek TV personality and Greek Reporter host, makes her mark in Hollywood with her upcoming film.  Although she has only been residing in Los Angeles for a few months, she has been working diligently toward accomplishing her biggest goal in life; a career in acting.

Christina has managed to lock down her first tangible credit in Hollywood, in the film “Four Fifteen”. She plays the character of Penelope, a strong independent woman who comes to a realization that everything she wanted in life is now an illusion.  She’s on a quest for something solid in her life, and is not willing to settle, as she is trying to find emotional stability in the face of the man she loves. The film is a coming of age drama where three best friends (two young men and a young woman) begin their journey through life, and take on very different paths in the process.  Christina tells us the end is really shocking, but that we’ll have to wait until it’s released to find out what happens!

The film was shot in Los Angeles and Atlanta. It is currently in post-production, and is scheduled to be completed in time for festival season this fall.



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