Jennifer Aniston to Appear on “Days of Our Lives”

Now here is big news!!! Jennifer Aniston could return to television, in the long running serial “Days of Our Lives” just for a few episodes, in a bid to save not only her father’s job, but also the show.

Apparently, the TV series is suffering from disastrous ratings and NBC bosses are seriously contemplating axing the soap at the end of its current season.  All 9 main stars, including Jen’s dad, have pleaded for a change of mind and more than a million viewers have signed petitions for the series to remain on air. The program chiefs though insist that the only thing that can save it is a huge ratings boost…and that’s where Jennifer comes in.

Due to her status, the producers believe that she can deliver what they’re looking for.  In one plot, which is already scripted, Aniston will play a “frazzled” wedding planner who actually helps her father’s character marry Maggie Norton-another show veteran-played by Suzanne Rogers.

One of the sources claimed, “We’re hoping Jen will join us in November, when all the networks are at their most competitive…She has said she wants to help but her schedule is so tight we may have to cram a lot of shooting into just a few days”.

On that note, Aniston is happy to contribute and she doesn’t mind getting paid the bare minimum Screen Actor’s Guild day rate. The appeal for her was and is the concept of  playing a semi-comedic role alongside her father.



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