Aniston Anxious and Excited About New Film!

Jennifer Aniston admitted that the assignment was a daunting one, but that didn’t stop her from going ahead with it anyway.

She had already decided to devote a year to producing and directing, when she learned about “Five”. She was “way more involved in this than any other thing I had my name on”, she exclaimed.

She’s very proud of her work and she can’t wait for people to see it; Jennifer believes that it’ll touch people’s hearts, simply because it deals with a matter that attention needs to be paid to! The fullfilment and the satisfaction on completing it was indescribable.

On her attempt to bring the project to life, Aniston called up “Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman, who actually conceived of a story arc comprising 5 short films, focusing on women with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Jen’s story is about a woman whose breast cancer diagnosis leads her to spend all her money and give away all her belongings, only to find out that her disease in in remission.

The actress herself claimed that she “just loved the idea of this woman being told that she has a death sentence and she finally decides to start living her life because she’s been given a death sentence, and then she’s been given another chance”.

Life games or…lessons in life?




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