The News is Out: Hangover III Is in the Works

Everybody was waiting for it and yes…finally the confirmation has come through. The “Hangover” boys will be back for another drunken installment of the film franchise, and it came as no surprise that after months of negotiations, the 3 main stars have actually snagged themselves a huge payday.

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and our very own Zach Galifianakis are signing on for a threequel and their agreed upon payday will be $15million each; you heard it right! The deals are nearly signed after a 4 month stall, in which the 3 actors banded together to fight for a $15 million paycheck, a paycheck they admittedly deserve after their comic antics on screen made the first two “Hangovers” smash hits.  The actors know they are irreplaceable as the central group of close-knit friends in the movies.

Back in December 2011, Bradley Cooper said that filming for the 3rd movie is expected to begin in September, and also that this movie will close the trilogy. He also hinted that the possible location is LA, and this time the story might be different.

Well, with a trio like that, no matter where and how the movie is filmed, it’s bound to be a success.



  1. I’m not entirely sure that we need another Hangover movie.  As much as I loved the first one, the second one left a lot to be desired….

    Maria xx


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