John Stamos Staying in Shape With Pilates

Many women would be interested to discovered John Stamos’ new fitness routine; the world-famous Hollywood actor has turned to…pilates!

The famous actor is certainly known for his looks, and apparently he’ll do anything to keep his physique and maintain his youthful appearance.

John has recently opened up about finally taking on pilates, despite the fact that the whole experience is a bit awkward and silly for him, due to the exercise positions he has to practice… Yes…we can only imagine!! As a matter of fact, he stated that ” They plot before I get there…How can we make John look ridiculous? Because every exercise involved my legs up, like I’m in the stirrups or something.”

Putting aside his discomfort, he actually discovered the high of the class…”..the good thing is, I have a beautiful woman’s body now, I have a great ass now.”

We bet that with supporters like him, women everywhere now will be queing up to join their local gyms and enroll in the next available pilates class, in order to achieve results like his.



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