Because Tommy Lee is Greek…

Tommy Lee released a manifesto full of Greek pride describing the reasons he is a proud Greek on his facebook page.

Although Greek pride might have been hurt by the Greek crisis, and international media are describing Greeks as “lazy,” “irresponsible,” and the “trouble child of Europe” among many more worse accusations, Tommy Lee, released a statement full of Greek Pride on his Facebook page !!!

The founding member of glam metal band Mötley Crüe was born in Athens the son of David Oliver Bass, a US Army serviceman of Welsh descent, and Vassiliki Papadimitriou, a 1957 Miss Greece contestant. Although, his family moved to West Covina, California one year after his birth, Tommy does not forget his homeland.

We are used to seeing celebrities post statements of support that may be written from PR professionals, but Tommy’s statement could not be written by a non-Greek and it does not look like a PR stunt. Thank you Tommy for being a proud Greek even during these tough times! See his message below:

Because we are a small, poor country full of people with big hearts
Because we never visit anyone empty-handed
Because there is no way to tell foreigners the word “Kapsoura” to properly (burning desire for someone)
Because there is still something valuable in Greek families
Because we always do, even if at the last moment
Because we were slaves for 400 years, but never take this as an excuse for our current state
Because we are scattered all over the Planet
Because we have the word “filotimo” (Honor for his friend?) In any other language
Because foreigners, if they can not find a word, use one of our
Because we share our problems and bad times with our friends and family and not with psychiatrists
Because Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were Greeks
Because we invented theater
Because we gave birth to democracy
Because we discovered logic
Because we made the start in the science
Because we are proud of our culture, not our war
Because when we started to make the Parthenon, the others still slept in trees
Because we have all these lights, which have made efforts to create peace through war
Because we see a difference between “eros” (in love) and “Agapi” (Love), while we feel both passionately
Because Eros was a Greek God
Because we gave the curse “Freedom or Death”
Because we already woven leash than any other are still attracted to wolf skin
Because “Greeks do not fight like heroes, but heroes fight like Greeks” (Winston Churchill, 1941)
Because we gave our ancient alphabet to the Romans and our Medieval alphabet to the Slavs
Because we are not ashamed to cry
Because we dance when we are sad
Because we work to live, not live to work
Because 97% of the star names are Greek
Because if we ‘brother or cousin “on the road every scream turns
Because our churches are not dark inside full of special lighting
Because our parents do not forget that we exist when we are already 18
Because if we want to get a sun tan, we go to the beach
Because we confront every difficulty with humor
Because the Olympics were born in Greece
As we unite with our Olympic light the world and send the message of peace
Because our sky is blue white
Because 40% of the Oxford dictionary consists of Greek words
Because we know what “Kefi” (joy in the fun?) Means and how to live it.

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  • Peteklem

    we were slaves for 400 years and we still found a wa to keep our religion, our language
    and most of all our PRIDE !!!!

  • elcolpador

    Well done Tommy Lee…

  • Agios

    Delusions of grandeur and nationalistic bullshit!

  • Sophia

    This is SO not original.  These bullets have been circulating via email amongst Greek Americans for YEARS.  Please don’t think he wrote them.  Doesn’t anybody fact check anymore?  (I’m a Greek American AND a journalist.)  Here’s a link to a 2006 blog:

  • Athena Giannakakos

    Great thing to be proud of your heritage and country.

  • Sidonia

    the story says he made a statement. as a journalist, you should be reading that correctly, nothing to do with the checking facts of th e story. 

  • george mellis

    you are big (moutro)  !!!!!

  • Sophia

    Okay, I’ll make this simple for you.  The story says “released a statement.”  That means the words are his.  They are not.  No one fact checked the origin of those words.  It has everything to do with fact checking. 

  • playspace

    i think it was the other way around but in any case you are right

  • playspace

    I suppose with all the slack Greeks have received it is understandable that people of Greek heritage, myself included will side together and some nationalistic flames will be ignited,

  • Martha Zafeiriou

    well, not everything is true but let’s start standing up after “PATOS” (bottom) and not PATHOS (passion).

  • Panagiotis

    Dear Sophia it does not  a matter who wrote that first .The important thing is that one guy who has global recognition like Tommy Lee support us using the most famous tool in the world .It sounds different if this publication made by you or me , no one care about our words .So we must thank him all of us  for this move .Because as you said you are a journalist try to be more objective less critical ( criticism send the Socrates to death ). Thanks again for once more time Tommy Lee .

  • Maria-Elena

    Instead of automatically criticizing why don’t you all join in the pride?  I think every point is right on and I think it’s important that a public figure is stating his support.  Bravo Tommy mas!  Se agame poly! xx

  • TonyboySF

    Ancient Greece made a much longer list of serious contributions than that note presented, and most of the world has benefited in some way from those extraordinary thinkers/doers.  Greek
    culture is a mix of infulences, and not unique in it’s most gracious characteristics.  Everyone
    should be proud of their ancestry, but most people haven’t made the effort to study up much.
    Fast forward to the present, and what we see is people being forced to pay the price for the
    party they bought with credit they really couldn’t afford.  OMG !  Am I talking about Greece,
    or Ireland, or Spain, or the USA?  Yes to all of us.  Hopefully we can all be supportive in some
    way, but ultimately, it’s up to each country to find it’s way out of the trap of socialism on steroids.

  • Aetos

    Well if we Greeks are Lazy i wonder who would have provided the labour force, besides the Greeks, Italians and Yugoslavs to build one of the most buitiful cities in the world. Sydney.

    But i must say that after living in Greece for a few years, that the Greek people are not lazy, only the workers in the public service are lazy which is only 10% of the population.

    Just as are public servants everywhere i guess. A good job with little stress, lots of money. Who make the lives difficult for the average person wanting to get on with their lives.

    The mess we are in is because of the Politicians and the Public Servants and their corruptions.

    Not because we are LAZY.

    I work my ass off and compared with the people i work with including Germans, we Greeks work the hardest and take pride and care in our work. Because we do not like others thinking we are dirty, lazy Greeks.

  • Nikolaos

    Get real…

  • Eleni El

    I’m sorry. I’m a Greek American living in Greece (more like “trapped in Greece” for the last 10 years) and the Greeks DO use their slavery as an excuse ALL THE TIME! it’s sad.  I think we may be the ONLY country that threw our freedom fighters in jail and now have statues of them all  over the country, and we praise them. We are a hypocrites.  and as far as Religion is concerned, hm, well, don’t get me started on the Priests who just do their job because they’re government paid employees.  and the people, they make believe they’re religious but compared to my experience abroad, the Greeks here have no clue what our faith is all about. I’ll just say that the Greeks abroad are much more respectful and more knowledgeable about the Greek Orthodox faith as compared to the Greeks here. and our values…hm, well, everybody cheats on everybody, you be the judge of that call.

     and as far as culture, we, the Greeks abroad have a stronger and richer Greek culture than the Greeks here….the Greeks here only know tsiftendeli (which isn’t even Greek) and zembekiko. That’s it, that’s all the majority knows. The Greeks here are into anything and everything that’s not Greek (except for bouzoukia of course).

    I say all this with a very heavy heart and tons of disappointment because I see that Greece can be so much better and she is in the state she’s in today because of the Greeks themselves (both govt. and people). A terrible shame and terribly heartbreaking. I am truly disappointed that I now realize that we, the greeks abroad, are so much more Greek and have more Greek Pride than the Greeks in Greece.

    Guess what else? the majority of Greeks ARE lazy, they don’t look for work they wait for someone they know to find work for them. and employers are no better because they hire unqualified people they know which ties in ALOT with the outcome today.  For those of us who do work hard (because there ARE Greeks who work hard but not the majority) and look for work….well, my example for myself is that all the classified ads for secretaries actually say “secretary wanted, attractive, up to 30 years old, no experience’ and if you interview you are asked if you are single, engaged, married or divorced and if you have kids, how many.  We are a discriminatory culture, and to my shock, very racist.

    I am 45 years old, attractive with 20 years experience. I don’t fit the bill of the ad.  So, am I (and everyone over 30) supposed to crawl under a rock and die? And how about the “ugly” people, who and what determines “attractive or not attractive” really? and why aren’t these people given the opportunity to interview for a job based on their qualifications????? Don’t they have the right to work? THIS IS GREEK CULTURE TODAY. I am sure the ancient greeks are rolling in their graves!

    We are a surface people. Our persons with disabilities are nowhere to be seen and they’ve been written off early in the game because ABSOLUTELY NOBODY in Greece will hire them. The handicap can’t circulate even if they want to because we have no sidewalks and there are no ramps to help them get around or into schools or stores or public buildings for that matter. and as a matter of fact we’re so warm-hearted, that in ten years i’ve seen two persons in wheelchairs waiting for the metro elevator (a huge sign at the elevator stating the elevator is for the elderly, disabled and women with children). I was actually happy to see the persons in the wheelchairs out and about – it’s rarely seen in this country. and then I saw the BEAUTY of the Greek people.   EVERYONE else waiting for the elevator packed themselves in and left the two persons in the wheelchair out.  DISGUST for the Greek people is what I felt.  and I realized as Greek as I am, I truly don’t “belong” among these people I call my own. We are not who I believed we were and I don’t like who we have become and honestly, it’s nobody else’s fault except their own.

    Oh and did I mention we are a “fanatical’ culture, whether it’s football/soccer or politics we are fanatics and fanaticism brings about catastrophe.  Fanaticism means “uneducated”. Shall I continue with education system? healthcare issues? the corruption outside the government and among the people themselves? I won’t.

    A greek gets a dog and when summer vacation comes along they either drive it far away and abandon it at a remote location (that’s why stray dogs are everywhere – due to ignorance) or they leave it on the roof with a bowl of water and some food thinking that it will be fine for the 20 days during the heatwaves while they are away vacation. and the irony of it all, when they return they wonder why the dog is dead….and so, on top of everything else we are also a very IRRESPONSIBLE people.

    Greece is BEAUTIFUL, truly she is, but if you scratch n sniff…you better be wearing a heavy duty gas mask because she’s rotting just beneath…..too bad LOTS N LOTS of her people don’t believe in her, love her or respect her as much as she deserves (or as much as the Greeks abroad do).  She has become “Elladastan”.

    On a more positive note, the ONLY thing that HAS progressed in the last ten years is the arrival of the computer and the internet, there was no such thing when I got here in 2002.

  • Bob Chan

    I’m so sick of hearing about all the contributions greeks made to society. I think there were many more successful civilisations before and after their time Egyptians and Romans etc and we don’t hear their modern day equivelants bragging about it and expecting handouts for it.
    Pay back your loans and accept the fact that people outside greece dont really care about their problems or their hisroty, if it means dropping to the standard of a 3rd world country, so be it!
    40% of the oxford dictionary consists of greek words hahahahaha more like 0.4%. Foolishness!

  • Fmounez

    Fuck your mother the German shepherd . Asshole

  • Fmounez

    Anyone who criticizes Greece, can go fuck their mother in the ass like the skank dog that she is… May you die from a dripping case of asshole-itis. fucking haters

  • Pete

    Why don’t you just get up & leave? Why stay here & write things like that!! Just get up & go back to America and when you go back, you will b saying to the Americans how beautiful Greece is!! Hypocrite!!

  • kosmas

    Those who live in Greece and don’t like it please do us a favor and go to America or elsewhere. We don’t need hypocrites. Go to countries with 400 years of history and most of it wars. Most Greek Americans I know are either βλάχοι or ηλίθιοι πουριτανοι some of them with very poor education. Some from Harvard or mit or nasa. Respect to those of course. According to American historians the Greek language has 800000 words and they agree that only a civilization of 10000 years can accomplish that. Learn history. Them talk. 40% of oxford dictionary are Greek words according to oxford historians. I hate ignorant people. Do your research and then speak. If you are not crazy about Greece then you don’t deserve it. Period.

  • proud greek aussie

    Shame we have an asian who hasn’t evolved and still worships little fat guys, and greeks who bag out their own heritage. Greeks may be in a hole right now but hey, are you yanks flying high???? more single mothers than anywhere in the world, highest divorce rate in the world and you bag greek culture, we have FILOTIMO, OIKOGENIA, a sense of decency….and yes yes yes our forefathers created democracy, and free speech and free will. In our western nations (my own Australia) we don’t demonstrate when we;’re pissed we just whinge and accept whatever our stupid politicians hand out to us, and we are now at a point where standard of living is so high we can barely exist, our pensioners are living below povery, but we bag the greeks for yelling they’re not happy with their standard of living. As every country and culture has issues so does Greece, but I don’t see you talking shit about the decaying society you guys livein, the infatuation you have with movie stars and greeks are fucked, man you guys need a reality check. I would never ever want to raise kids in yankee land where kids carry guns and knives and you have metal detectors in schools…wow and you bag other countries, look in your own back yard!!!

  • κατερίνα

    Καλά τα είπες καλή μου συμπατριώτισα. Για αυτό και εγώ σιχάθηκα και φεύγω με την οικογένειά μου στα ξένα. Πονάω φριχτά για το κατάντημα της γλυκιάς μου πατρίδας και για αυτό φταίνε οι σημερινοί επιφανειακοί ψευτοέλληνες.

  • Δημήτρης

    ayto se enoxlisai esena oti den to egrapse aytos…???
    eleos pia….eisai mia tyxaia sofia
    kai einai kapoios…esena den prokyte na se ma8oyme pote, opote kai na to egrafes xameno 8a phgaine, enw twra exei allh xarh…hdh se enoxlhsai

  • Δημήτρης

    se kobw gia xrysaygith esena

  • KG

    “Because our parents do not forget that we exist when we are already 18″ I’m not Greek but I am married to one (my family has been in the United States for hundreds of years). I hear this over and over again. That Americans kick their kids out at 18 or forget about their kids at 18, etc. I, and my three sisters, along with all my friends and now my friends children were not kicked out or forced to move out at 18 nor did our parents or my friends forget about their children. I’m not sure where this misconception comes from, but it just simply is not true. I highly, even in my late teens and 20s, value my parents opinions. This has always bothered me. Just my two cents…

  • Aimilia Tsavalou

    Εισαι σωστος ρε φιλε!!!!

  • Aimilia Tsavalou

    Let me tell you something! If you so sick as you say of hearing about the contributions greeks made just cover your ears… Or better? Go get a book to read! And every country has difficulties… so shut up and confuse your mind with something else… and finally to end this shit up check this out:

  • Aimilia Tsavalou

    I can agree with you Pete

  • captaingreek

    he didn’t say the one thing i thought he would…GREEKS FUCK ANYWHERE ANYTIME!…he proved it though… :)

  • TIA

    I just saw this…. and the conversation of everyone here…
    I don’t care if i am ”replaying” late, i only had to say this to you dear Bob Chan.

    Do you know the AMOUNT of DEBT of America? Does the US pay it’s loans?…or does it just print new money?…without result might i add.

    Aren’t foreclosures and homeless people a majority in the US? Why didn’t THESE people pay back THEIR loans and credit cards?? (And lets not forget that credit cards are used by the Americans for the last 20 years and by the Greeks for the last 8-10 years. And the loans crisis was CREATED in the MIGHTY USA! Sad, but true.)

    USA has dropped to the standard of a third world country loooooong time ago, but you haven’t realized it because you haven’t been informed of this by the CNN yet… …Catch my drift??

    Working all day till nighttime, no health care system, kids with guns on the loose, divorces and serious killers. But then again you have HOLLYWOOD (which i love– but still) and a small % of wealthy businessmen…..These give you the illusion that you live in a developed country eh??


    Oh just close the tv and wake up.

    P.S. You are right on one thing, we need to stop reminiscing about our ancient glories and busting the balls of the entire world and just try to BE those people who lived in ancient times that we admire so much.
    We ALL should start doing that. …ALL OVER THE WORLD.

  • Elgreco

    Αντε γαμησου Ρε μαλακά που θα μας πεις και βλαχους αντε …..μαλακά την καταστρεψατε την Ελλαδουλα μου με τους πολιτικούς που ψηφισατε τα τελευταία τα χρόνια….. Μπαγλαμα…. Ότι λεφτα βγαζω Αμερική τα στελνω Ελλάδα….. Και βγαζω πολύ πιο πολλά από εσενα

  • constantine

  • Praktor 000

    Kosma, what exactly is wrong with being a Blaxo? many have left Greece and not because they didn’t love it but because there were no opportunities for them. Not everyone wants or is capable of education but many of them have made it very big financially…yes even bigger then ‘psilomites’ from Harvard or Mit etc. I don’t give respect to someone because they are well educated but hard working. I think its time to get off that high horse you are now riding because the blaxoi drive farraris now while the harvard educated are going into government and ripping off the people. Blaxoi is not who Fucked Greece over file mou.

  • amalia

    thats true greeks are the best people on earth

  • amalia

    thats not good i will put pepper in your mouth

  • Stan

    Ρε μαλακά δεν γαμιεσαι. Που θα μας πεις είμαστε βλαχοι. Who the fuck do u think u are u stupid fuck. It’s people like you that have fucked Greece over. You back there think your so fucking smart but you have become the laughing stock of every other country around the world. Grow some brains and then talk u gypsy.

  • Greek Fire and Light

    I am Greek Australian and I have often wandered why many Greek Americans in Greece or America put down Greeks in Greece. And also when Greeks from Greece come to live in America and put Greeks in Greece. I am sure this is a trending stereotype but can someone explain why this “American connection to Greece” expresses such negativity about Greece? I have been to Greece often and sure I have noted certain shortcomings but you know what – tell me one country that is perfect and please do not tell me that country is America. Greeks have not lost their filoxenia and in my opinion are very intelligent people. Greece has suffered tremendously when you stop to think about the history of the nation and racism – well that exists absolutely everywhere. Do not be so incredulous – Greece is a place to feel very proud of. It may not be a rich country and in ways of materiality lags behind but, you know what, I have been inspired by the Greek people of yesterday and today more than any other people on earth. And as far as being “trapped” is concerned why dont you come back to America and see what “trapped means” because I have been living here for the past 7 years and I can tell you – the times I have been to Greece while living her in the US – you have it a lot better there sister.

  • Greek Fire and Light

    this was for Eleni El.

  • Greek Fire and Light

    mpravo patrioti

  • AngryGreek

    Because there *IS* no modern day roman equivalent.
    Because the ancient Egyptians are NOT in any way shape or form, similar to the modern Egyptians.
    Because the syrians and arabs who helped develop mathematics, are now hiding under a heavy rock called Islam, which stops the progression of logic much more so than any other formal religion on the planet. Educate yourself trele, you know nothing.

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  • Sue

    First of all, I am Greek American, and I am neither a vlaxa or ilithia. I may have been born in America, but I have much love for my mother country, so get off your high horse. Secondly, instead of further dividing our people with your negativity and name-calling, we should be uniting against those that put Greece down.

  • Maria Papapanagiotou

    Darlings, we were here before Europe,,,,isn’t it ?
    That’s what the Real Original People , LIKE TOMY LEE, instictively admire and respect in this country . The “gene” of authenticity in Culture, Knowledge and Civilization , which is kept through the ages far beyond the Euros , the Thieves, the Cannibals, and the Liers . Who is vlaxos and who is not , will always be obvious in the eyes of those who are not. Even if the “leaders” send in jail every single Greek, to punish the Freedom of Mind and the Value of Ethos . Dear Greeks, mutated…..

  • sparti

    It saddens me that I see the typical Greeks in here cursing and putting each other down , As usual the typical Malaka is in every other sentence, Yes I say the same thing to my kids Ancient Greece Is ANCIENT Greece, lets move on and prove Modern Greece is worthy of giving to the world, Eleni I agree with you in many ways I also lived and experienced Greece , do I disagree with the thinking sure , and yes Dogs are all over , The mentality of Greeks is not in that humane society as America , they can’t be they are to busy try to dig out of a hole, yet the Euro Mafia as I call them keeps them down , it will be hard, as for the young aussie who says American kids carry guns and knifes stop watching action movies get over it in closing for all those in here who put down the so called VLAXOUS” GROW UP, if anything the Vlaxi came here with nothing and are well off and their children have carried the traditions of their parents and may I say very rich,
    so stop calling each other names and fess up to what we as Greeks are labeled lazy Greeks waiting for a hand out sipping Frappe and whinning playing tavli all day ( if we as Greeks don’t like the label do something about it change the worlds thinking of Greeks and yes we are passionate and loving ,that’s not good enough any more.

  • giulia dobre

    Guys, I am not GREEK, I am Romanian, but I LOVE GREECE almost than my own country! I am spending holidays and film festivals in Greece in an all together 6 times a year, for New Years Eve I drive to Greece, for Easter too, all summer I try to hang out in your Gods gifted country as much a sI can ! I am not a millionaire! So it breaks my heart to see what your situation is! But you know what? My country, which is 400km further North than yours, is a billion times worse. And yet…What really saddens me, is to see you have exactly the same mind set, analysis and opinions as we have…I believe it must be more of a Balkanik course on us! My opinion is this: we are just small people…with all the History, and FIRSTS, and education and pride! Unfortunately, we are all here, in a rather ex-centric part of the world…And we must understand we are not the choreographers, but just the dancers! We should just try to do our best in everything we do, I think, and try to find our own happiness in the frame of what we can have…where are the greek traditions of going to meet friends and have a greek “petanque” and a raki and a coffee with the guys in your neighbourhood or in the village center? I believe Greeks used to have a more QUIETE and WISE type of day to day happiness and inner peace…before they started to dream too wide…hence the current unhappiness! And believe me, I almost envy you, for all the amazing tabiets and traditions and habits and rituals that you have, that we never had time to acquire as we were really struggling, from the the source of times…Therefore I believe one solution would be that everyone started to work on him/herself more…and find a thing to improve in him/herself…and may be then the country, the world, could be better!

  • giulia dobre

    PS: Tommy Lee is a GOOOORgeous super hot guy! I am happy to hear he ows it to the Beauty of his Beauty Qyeen greek mother! So sorry one could not admire the same kind of beauty on the faces of most Greek men because tipe all wear that kind of UNBELIEVABLE Beards!!!!! Common!!!!!!!