Tom Hanks Calls Himself A ‘Total Idiot’ After Diabetes Diagnosis


Tom Hanks recently opened up about his diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes, and blames his unhealthy eating and dieting habits throughout his life, calling himself “a total idiot” for his lack of awareness about health and nutrition.

As Hanks himself stated, he suffered from a problem he believes is common in our times, especially in the US – “I’m part of the lazy American generation that has blindly kept dancing through the party and now finds ourselves with a malady”.

The A-list actor, now 59 years old, also revealed that he had issues with high blood pressure since his 30s, and his doctors had warned him that yo-yo dieting for movie roles would put a lot of pressure on his health and body.

In a relatively short time span, he put on 30 pounds for “A League of Their Own”, and lost 55 pounds for “Cast Away”. Though the movies won him a lot of prestige, popularity and critical acclaim, they also negatively affected his health.

Since his diagnosis, Hanks says he will take care to avoid roles with such requirements in the future, and that he is now more careful with his diet. Wife Rita Wilson also helps him stay on track, as they exercise and hike together frequently.



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