Sasha Grey Gets Into Fashion With Skim Milk

Singer, writer, and adult film star Sasha Grey is branching into fashion with a new collaboration with Skim Milk, a fast growing streetwear brand.

The fashion brand released a retro video showing Sasha Grey wearing parts of the unisex collection, and featuring the music of Ariel Pink. Pink is a musician and another Skim Milk collaborator.

The holiday-themed, Santa-featuring video is appropriate for the collection, which is called “A Grey Christmas”.

You can buy any of the T-shirts and sweatshirts featured in the video, as well as an embroidered bomber jacket, at the Skim Milk website.

Though Grey rose to fame mostly based on her work in adult movies, she has been branching out in all sorts of creative directions over the last years, including singing on an Infected Mushroom track, penning a racy novel titled “The Juliette Society”, and starring in mainstream films like “Open Windows” with Elijah Wood. After this venture into fashion, we can’t wait to see what Grey has in store for us next.


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