Netflix Invests $2 Billion Into European Productions

Ted Sarandos

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos summarized the streaming giant’s philosophy at a “See What’s Next” event in Berlin, when he got up on stage and said, “Great storytelling knows no geographical bounds”.

Sarandos has always pushed partnerships with production houses across the world and expansion into other countries, which resulted in Netflix expanding to cover almost the entire globe last year.

Now, the company will be investing $2 billion into European productions.

A good chunk of Netflix’s original and most popular shows are already international productions. “Black Mirror” and “The Queen” are produced in the UK, while other countries have been responsible for breakout cult hits like Brazil’s “3%”.

In fact, Netflix’s first ever original production, “Lilyhammer”, was produced in partnership with a Norwegian broadcasting service.

Netflix’s huge investment will go towards new European shows such as “Dark”, a German mystery, “Suburra” an Italian gang thriller, and “Las chicas del cable”, a period Spanish drama.

Sarandos went on to explain the company’s aims in this expansion by stating, “After four years of original programming and filming in 18 countries, we know compelling stories can come from anywhere and, no matter their origin, can resonate with audiences around the world.”


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