Confirmed: Tina Fey will Appear on ‘Great News’ Season 2

NBC confirmed that Tina Fey will be joining the cast of “Great News” for Season 2 with a Tweet saying, “How we feel knowing that the legendary Tina Fey is coming to #GreatNews next season” with a GIF of Tina herself waving her hands, captioned by the phrase “High Fiving a Million Angels”.

Tina Fey is actually the creator of “Great News”, but she had always been hesitant to reveal if she would be playing a part on the show as an actress.

The series follows main character Katie (Briga Heelan), both in her personal life and her professional life in a local newsroom. Other talented, veteran comedians star on the show, including Andrea Martin and Horatio Sanz, as well as a very well-reviewed performance by Nicole Richie.

After getting critical praise and a sizeable audience to tune in, “Great News” was renewed for a second season a few months ago, and with Tina Fey now breaking into the show’s cast as well, it’s only likely to get better from here on out.