Sofia Milos Unfolds Her Greek Side

You definitely have seen her in many famous TV Series. Sofia Milos, an actress of Greek descent talked to us about her work and the reasons she loves Greece.

“The Island” Author Chooses Greece Over Hollywood

Victoria Hislop talks about why she turned down a Hollywood movie-deal for a Greek production, her life in Greece, and "The Island".
Adonis Hadjiantonas

Adonis Hadjiantonas: Businessman Turned Producer

The internationally-accredited businessman and finance expert Adonis Hadjiantonas certainly has a restless spirit and doesn’t lack ambition. Two years ago, the Cypriot left his...

Barb Wire Dolls: Street-Rockers Make History as the First Greek Band to Play in...

Photo Credit: Alex Vacca Barb Wire Dolls, the girl-fronted “Street-Rock” band from Greece talked exclusively to Greek Reporter's Olivia Edwards about their Greek-American dream. They...

The Production Concept Behind ‘Birthday Surprise Will Truly Surprise you!

Audiences don't pay much attention to short films, but "Birthday Surprise," which is set to premiere at the upcoming Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, deserves...
Alexis Varouxakis produced the answer

Alexis Varouxakis on Producing Swami Kriyananda Film ‘The Answer’

Alexis Varouxakis, talks about his latest film, "The Answer," which chronicles the spiritual journey of Swami Kriyananda (James Donald Walters) after his meeting with Indian yogi and guru Paramhansa Yogananda.

Screenwriter Peter Papageorgiou Reveals His Plans about a New Movie and a TV-Series

Screenwriter and actor, Peter Papageorgiou, talks about his career, his future projects and his Greek heritage to Nick Cristophers.

Oscar Unrelated: Famous German TV Hosts on the Greek Crisis from the Red Carpet

Steven Gätjen and Annemarie Warnkross, two of the most famous German TV-hosts tell us the German side of the Greek Crisis and how Greeks are portrayed in Germany

Vassy: A New Pop Star Shares Her “History”

Greek-Australian recording artist Vassy is taking over Hollywood and the American pop music scene with her new song "History".
Sam Voutas Director

‘King of Peking’ Dives Into Movie Piracy World

Sam Voutas, director of the Chinese indie hit “Red Light Revolution,” has started work on a new project – “King of Peking.” The film takes...