John Stamos


His father had a restaurant business. Each year the business was going better and and Mr. Stamos was hoping that when his son, John, will grow up he will take over the business. John Stamos though, had other plans for his future. He took acting classes and then he started his career playing a role in the TV show “General Hospital”. Even then his father did not believe that his son will be able to make a living by acting and because of this John had to be every weekend to his dad’s restaurant and work as a waiter. Later he married the supermodel Rebecca Romijin. Their marriage was terminated after a few years. Today John is one of the most popular and well paid TV figures in the US television and has also appeared in many movies. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (they were together with Stamos in Full House) still call him uncle because, as they say, he help them in difficult moments of their life like a real relative.

Describe your life as a kid who had a Greek father.

Groing up in the U.S. wit a Greek father helped me a lot. This is where I got all this love that Greek parents know to give to their children.

Where is your father from?

My father was born in the U.S. , but my grandfather was from a Greek town called Tripoli.

How was your life when you started acting?

I had a very good time. When I got my first big role, and people start to recognize me in public I was still working in my dad’s restaurant as a waiter. All the week I was working in the TV show, but the weekends I had to be in the restaurant. Saturdays and Sundays I was serving the tables and I remember people ordering and suddenly stop and asking me “excuse me aren’t you an actor?

Have you ever been in Greece?

Many times. I went for honey moon when I got married with Rebecca. We visited the most Aegean and Ionian islands. I have also been to Santorini with my father before he died.

How did your family responded to your decision to become an actor?

My family always accepted my decisions and helped me in the beginning of my career. When I was seventeen I started taking acting courses and found my first agent. My first big role was in the TV show “General Hospital”, and then I was in “Full House” for nine years.

How did your life change when you start becoming famous?

The biggest difference was that I moved from Orange County to Los Angeles. I lived all the glamour and I liked it, but my family helped me remain a down to earth person.

Besides being an actor you were also a member of a music band and a tv producer …

Yes. Recently I started producing different shows. I also like cinema in which I was more involved the last five years. However, success came for me from the TV shows.

Do you have Greek-American friends?

Yes, I always had. I hang out with Nia Vardalos and Rita Wilson with whom we are very close friends.

What do you think of all the glamour in Hollywood?

Many events are just… bullshit. In some of them though you have to go because it’s part of the game, you got to do it. I am not a big fun of Glamourus events, I don’t spend a lot of time in red carpet events and parties. In my free time I like to do different things. I like to do the garden in my house and cook Greek food, usually lamb. In every plate I cook I add Feta cheese. This cheese has an incredible taste.