Gina “The Greek” Rosenstones in “Cornhole The Movie”

A girl of Greek descent is involved in a movie called “Cornhole the movie”. Her name is Elaine Mello, and in the movie she plays Gina “The Gun” Rosenstones. Gina “The Gun” Rosenstones isn’t the smartest pencil in the stack but her street smarts were earned, when her overbearing mother, Tamara, coaxed her into the hungry world of professional cornhole at the age of eleven. Constantly around to nag Gina of her inability to focus on anything but herself and need to get ahead, is her do-gooder sister, Marla. Now however, Gina has a bigger problem, she’s thinking for two!!! That’s right… the competing World Champion is knocked-up! But who is the father? Although the news sent shockwaves through both the Jewish and cornhole communities, closer aligned than you might think, Gina is not letting it affect her push for the National Championship, later this summer. After suffering an embarrassing blow last year, when her partner Jimmy “Bags” Menetti choked, Gina is out for the big “V” and she’ll crush anything that comes in her way.
The real Elaine is leaving in the Los Angeles area and is married with Tim Clarke director of the “Cornhole”. Her mother and her father were alloped because none of their parents wanted to let them get married. “My father is Greek and my mother Italian so my grandparents did not want them to get married, but after they were ok.” She was born in Syracuse, NY and then she moved with her family to San Francisco, where she started acting after watching her father participating in the Greek orthodox Church’s plays. The filming for the Cornhole is finished and the movie will be ready in the next months. We have the feeling that it will be a hit and Elaine has all the potential to become the new Nia Vardalos, just a little bit Italianized.

Click on the image below to wath the trailer of “Cornhole the movie” .