“The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”

Mark Philipoussis and Deanna Pappas have two things in common. The first is that they are both of Greek descent and the second that both are considered the ideal type of boyfriend and girlfriend, respectively, in the US. Every Greeks dream (from Greece) is to come to the US and meet all this blonde hotties, but now something is changing. American media promote people with darker looks, maybe because audiences are getting tired of the all blonde rule. Two very popular TV shows “The Bachelor” (NBC) and “The bachelorette” (ABC) are promoting as role models Mark Philippoussis and DeAnna Pappas. Philippoussis is already known for his successful career in tennis, and this was the factor that helped him be casted for last year’s show. NBC says about him ” With his combination of stunning good looks, extraordinary success and easy charm, tennis superstar Mark Philippoussis may very well be the most eligible bachelor in America.” He was born in 1976 in Melbourne, Australia.

DeAnna Pappas is casted as the bachelaurette in ABC’s “The Bachelaurette”. She was not famous before the show, and was living a normal life in Georgia. ABC states “DeAnna, 26, is a brunette, brown-eyed real estate agent from Newnan, Georgia. She became an immediate fan favorite and was the final woman remaining on the finale of The Bachelor last November. The ending proved to be a huge shocker, though, when Womack didn’t select any woman — a first in “Bachelor” history. She found out she was tapped to star as the next “Bachelorette” on an episode of Ellen that aired in January of this year.

DeAnna demonstrated her assertiveness and independent nature during The Bachelor, setting her apart from the other women. She is an interesting combination of Greek ancestry on her father’s side and a mix of many ethnicities — including Native American — on her mother’s. Growing up in Kentucky with her older brother, Thomas, and younger sister, Chrissy, DeAnna’s parents divorced when she was six. Her mother’s ultimately fatal battle with cancer meant that DeAnna was raised primarily by her aunt and grandmother, and when her mother died — DeAnna was 12 — she moved to Georgia to live with her father. ” It is worth mentioning that she already has introduced all her possible future boyfriend to drinking ouzo and saying “opa”.