Greek Novelist Alexis Stamatis at LMU

Greek author Alexis Stamatis, who, like the young Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville 180 years ago, visited, studied, and traveled in America, describes his experience and his fascination with the country in his new novel, American Fugue, which was translated and published in English by the Etruscan Press. This book won the 1st International Literary award by the US National Endowment of Arts. He is now touring the US to present the English translation of his book at many US universities such as Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell. In Los Angeles his presentation is sponsored by the Hellenic University Club and will take place on Sunday October 26, at Loyola Marymount University at University Hall, Room 1857. At 4p.m. starts the social hour and at 4.30 the presentation by the author.

Alexis Stamatis was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and took postgraduate degrees in Architecture and Cinematography in London. He has published seven novels. His second novel, Βar Flaubert (Kedros 2000), a critically acclaimed best seller in Greece, has been published in France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Bangladesh and Serbia. Bar Flaubert has been adapted to a screenplay by the author and the director Vassilis Douvlis. Alexis Stamatis has also published six books of poetry. In 2004, he participated at the world famous International Writing Program of the University of Iowa through a Greek Fulbright Artists & Art-Scholars Award. In 2007, the US publishing house Etruscan press has won the 1st International Literary award by he US National Endowment of Arts to publish his novel American Fugue.


  1. Hello. Thank so much for publishing this announcement about Greek writer Alexis Stamatis.
    I am Alexis’ literary agent here in the U.S. Would love to know how you received the information about the LMU event. Please advise, if you have a moment sometime. —Charlotte Gusay, THE CHARLOTTE GUSAY LITERARY AGENCY


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