Independent TV pilot about Greek Mythology starring Greek Actress

I am an Independent TV Writer/Produder who recently wrote and produced a TV sitcom based on the “Muses” of Greek Mythology…one in particular, “Thalia” the Muse of Comedy.  To be authentic, I of course starred a lovely and talented Greek Actress…Penelope Lagos…as the title character and it was screened at HBO in NY.  Since then I have tried to market it to several networks including Disney and Nickelodeon.  To give it more marketability, I am trying to get a famous Greek Actress to do a cameo in it.  In the meantime, there is a trailer for it on YouTube MySpaceTV Videos: MUSE trailer by TOUCH (TV Pilot) .  If anyone is interested in seeing the completed version and learning more about it I could send the DVD, presskit, publicity stills, cast bios etc.  Of course if anyone has any connections and would love to see something on TV that is both fun and celebrates Greek culture please contact me as well at [email protected].
I may add the timing for a pilot like mine is right, since last weekend the CW aired a drama about Greek Gods titled “Valentine’.  My show of course was produced before this but can still benefit from the publicity of it (even though they are slightly different in their themes and conception).
By the way, my pilot was based on my play “Muse” which was well received in NY, getting into the prestigious Strawberry Festival and winning the award for Best Play at the Manhattan Repertory Theater.  So again, if anyone is interested in my idea I could setup an encore performance of the play where you can meet the Actress, myself and perhaps see and discuss the future of the pilot.
On a personal note, after working with Actress Penelope Lagos I certainly believe in Greek Mythology since she not only inspired the humor behind my pilot, but also motivated me to write a screenplay.  I have since produced and starred her as the lead in a film trailer which is getting screened this Fall in Hollywood in hopes of attracting investors and industry that could help us turn the script into movie.  It is based on Silent Screen Actress Mabel Normand and Penelope’s talent and inspiration proves she is indeed a true “Muse”.  Those interested in that project can also see the trailer on YouTube YouTube – “Madcap Mabel” trailer and if it interests you I could send other information including the synopsis and screenplay.
Thank you for your time.
Rudy Cecera


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