Nick Patsaouras is back in the race… for Controller

“I don’t care anymore for recognition, or fame, or offices. All I care about is my children” Nick Patsaouras told me in an interview when I asked him if he was planning to get involved in a race again. The president of the DWP, announced last month that he will run for Controller of the city of Los Angeles. What a fool I am! Knowing that Patsaouras talks in a Spartan way (with the less possible words) I should have understood by his phrase that he was thinking to run again, but for a position that directly affects future generations.  Being the President of DWP and having to leave such a secure position for what some call a very difficult race needs courage especially this time that the Controller will have to deal with the crisis and how it will affect the city of Los Angeles. Maybe this is why Patsaouras decided to run, because it is a great challenge and a difficult race against Councilwoman Wendy Greuel. And the city may benefit from an individual with lots of connections who also has the knowledge and guts to cut unecessary spendings. With one word “streetsmart”, as he would say.


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