“The Janissaries”

A few years ago, in the lull of the winter months, I was so touched by the sad (true) story of the Janissaries, told to me by our local priest that I taught myself the craft of scriptwriting, therefore allowing my passion to be expressed through this avant-garde script.

I was born in Rhodes, Greece and immigrated to Canada at the age of three. My formative years were spent in Toronto, where I graduated from York University with a Mathematics degree, in 1977.

The past many years have been spent manifesting my dream, building from scratch and then managing a family business, where I live with my lovely family on the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece.

Not having any contacts in this business, I have quickly discovered in order to get an agent, one must have sold a script and in order to sell a script, one must have an agent!?!?

With your site, I hope to make the right connections, i.e. Americans of Greek descent, that can and will feel this subject matter, that has never been previously touched upon by the film industry.

Besides a synopsis and script available upon request, I have made a movie poster of the script.

Having thus discovered this unknown ability, I indulge in writing during the quiet winter months. I have recently finished my second (Greek island based) script.

I look forward to hearing from all.

George Kriticos

[email protected]

Rhodes, Greece