My Little Skinny Greek Life: On Liberty Street – book

I’ve written a story of what it was like to be the only Greek boy in town. The town is a small farm town in Illinois 55 miles from Chicago. It is a multi-faceted picture of immigrants adapting to life in Middle America; a collectioin of dramatic and comedic escapades flavored with fun, courage, and just plain old childhood recklessness.

I am ultimately interested in developing this story into a screenplay for a feature film or as the basis for an HBO series.

My inspiration to write the book comes from several sources; the late, great, Tim Russert and his book “Big Russ and Me”, the films – “Stand By Me” and “The Sandlot“. But mostly, my inspiration comes from within, and the memories I cherish from my childhood.

“My Little Skinny Greek Life: On Liberty Street” can be purchased through my publisher’s web site or several online bookstores; Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Target, and more.

Michael H. Skopes
Thousand Oaks CA
[email protected]