Greek-American co-Produces Online Phenomenon “X’s and O’s”

A comedy which was co-produced by George Themelis, a Greek photographer from Los Angeles, shows that if your movie won’t do it well in the box office there is the chance of doing well online. This is what happened when “X’s and O’s” was pirated in the Internet via the filesharing service BitTorrent. An estimated 150,000 people watched the downloads in one week, the filmmakers estimate.The people who invested the 850.000$ that costed the film may not be happy, but at least the movie found an audience. In its first week of being available online
The film is about a bookish biologist Simon (Clayne Crawford) who lusts after Jane (Sarah Wright), a blonde beauty who barely knows he exists. Against the advice of his womanizing friend, Lorenzo (Warren Christie), Simon decides to make Jane jealous by dating his lab partner, Trese (Judy Marte). But every part of Simon’s plan falls apart, trapping him between the pursuit of a hopeless dream and unexpected, real feelings for someone.

Written and Directed by Kedar Korde
Produced by Kedar Korde, George Themelis, and Judy Marte
Cinematography by Royce Allen Dudley
Edited by Chris W. Hill
Casting by Dino Ladki, C.S.A.



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