Catch Greek-Australian Mate, Zoe Carides in HBO’s The Pacific

Zoe Carides-another Greek-Australian mate, exhibits her talents as a film and television actress. Her most popular roles are in the TV series, G.P. as Dr Sonia Kapek, and Grass Roots as Liz Murray. She was born in Sydney to a British mother and Greek Father, where she debuted in several well-known Australian TV shows. Carides’ first big movie was in 1991, Death in Brunswick. She later starred in Gino, Brilliant Lies, The Kiss and Police Rescue. Carides joined Lakis Lazopoulos in the independent Australian production of Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns, “Fovou tous Ellines”,  which was released in 2000 and directed by John Tatoulis. The movie was fiilmed in Australia and on the island of Crete.

Forty-seven year old, Zoe will be premiering on episodes of the new TV series, The Pacific. Stay tuned to the HBO mini-series starting March 14th.



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