Johnny Depp Escaped to Mykonos for a Weekend Getaway

Johnny Depp on his yacht

As reported by Greek media, Johnny Depp spent last weekend in Mykonos. The star went to the island with one goal in mind: a quiet escape in the Aegean like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had done earlier in the month. The Pirates of the Caribbean star tried to be as inconspicuous as possible by staying in the yacht in which he arrived to the island on. Instead of hanging out at expensive clubs and cafes he preferred remote beaches and smoking cigars on the boat according  to others that were in nearby yachts. Greece, and especially its islands are an attraction for millions of tourists every year among which are many Hollywood stars.


  1. he is a bit fat,but johnny is a hottie and I love him with all my hart,I love him just the way you are baby!!!

  2. We know Mr. Depp gets around but for him to be on a Greek Island and also talking to Lindsay Lohan in Hollywood on the same day is a bit of a miracle but in my opinion he is a miracle.

  3. You should mention that the photograph you’ve included with your article in not a photo of Johnny on his yacht in Mykonos. That photo was taken on a vacation Johnny and Vanessa took several years ago off the coast of Italy.

  4. ohhh myyy gooooooood!! i can’t believe it!! he was in greece and i didn’t know it! 🙁 oh god!! i wish he’ll visit greece again this summer..and also meet him 🙁

  5. I agree with Aniam!  I  wish he’ll visit greece again this summer! But not only for a weekend and it would be great to come to Ikaria


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