Linda Evans Got Plastic Surgery to Please Younger Lover Yanni!

Actress Linda Evans explains that she would have done anything to please her much younger lover. The former Dynasty star underwent a cosmetic surgery makeover when she was 50 year old.  She had the surgery three years after meeting international music sensation Yanni.  The singer was 12 years her junior. Evans is now 68 years old and went under the knife in an effort to keep her Greek lover.
“I wanted to still look good because I was with him – and so I could feel better about the age difference. I was 50 and things were starting to fall and get creepy and I thought, ‘You know, I could have a little help, and it’d be a good thing…'”, she told Globe recently.
Their relationship didn’t last, but the actress has no regrets about undergoing plastic surgery. “I’m not sorry I did that”, Evans claimed.