Anna Giannotis Directs New Cutting Edge Web Series “Circumcized”

Not an Israeli, but a Greek-American filmmaker, Anna Giannotis is the director of a new cutting edge web series called “Circumcized”. Anna Giannotis who has also directed “The Promise of Tomorrow” is producing the series as well.  CIRCUMCISED! Is the autobiographical story of a Jewish kid raised in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, a primarily Muslim country, who emigrates to Israel. In true Israeli fashion, his welcome includes a mandatory circumcision – at the age of 16! Oy vey and OUCH! The pilot episode reveals Gleb Kaminer’s transformation into all of the characters that pervade this Jewish nightmare: the Mohel, a loyal circumcision specialist; Dr. Rubenstein, a jaded and eccentric surgeon; Gleb’s unenthusiastic Dad; an Angry Hospital Worker; a Perky Female Nurse and numerous hospital patients. CIRCUMCISED! a.k.a. A SLICE OF LIFE will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and cheer, possibly all at once.

Watch the first episode:


Watch Anna Giannotis talking about the web series:


Anna Giannotis – Director
Gleb Kaminer – Writer as:
Charley Allen – Supervising Producer
James Loren – Creative Producer
Matthew Caudillo – Cinematographer
Jacob Karesh – Editor
Bob Luna – Composer
Vlad Solovey – Assistant Director
Maaren Edvard – Associate Producer
Sean Walsh – Sound Old Man
Michele Monaco – Hair & Make up
Susan Doepner – Props & Wardrobe
Oze – Script Supervisor
Saleh Ashumov – Grip Sarah
John (Rod) Rodrigues – Set Photography

Gleb Kaminer



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