“Dancing Arrows” and Aika for “IRONCLAD” Movie

Talking about bands and music, we couldn’t leave out the soundtrack of the epic adventure “Ironclad”, which is based on the time of the Knights Templars. The movie  stars James Purefoy, Brian Cox and Paul Giamatti as king John who reneges on his signing of the Magna Carta  promising freedom to all men.

The movie combines the action of “300” with the romance and heroism of “Brave-heart”. It’s already out in theaters and promises to leave audiences everywhere wanting for more.

The star responsible of the amazing soundtrack is Aika and the song is called “Dancing Arrows”, which was co-written by Aika Hirahara and Nicolas Farmakalidis. It was specifically selected and used for the promotion of this movie, simply because the musical style  of the tune supports the medieval theme perfectly.

The trailer music was produced and arranged by the award winning producer Nicolas Farmakalidis in Neila Productions Studios in LA,CA. It’s really important to note that Nic Farmakalidis and Aika Hirahara co-wrote “Path of Independence” for the Japanese pop star Ayaka Hiarahara and it was recently certified Gold in Japan.

The trailer and the theme song were mixed at the Archon Studios in California by the award winning producer Aris Archontis and on both tracks we have Greg Pajer, who is a first call recording guitar player, Thanasi Moustogiannis who performed all the drums and percussions and also Andreas Framakalidis at the recorded electric bass lines.

For all the fans out there, “Aika” will be releasing a full length album at the end of 2011, and for those who can’t wait to hear the song, just watch the music video below:




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