Alki Did It Again! – First Assisted Suicide Broadcast Live Over the Internet was a Promotion

Broadcast Live From the BattleCam website Eccentric Billionaire Alki David has paid for the Rights to Live Stream the Legal Assisted Suicide of a Terminally Sick Brain Cancer Patient on the website

The above was a press release that fooled a lot of media and gave great exposure to Film on and new article is updated live as it happens)

Should an assisted suicide be broadcast live over the internet? Owner of and, named Alki David, announced to the media that he would be broadcasting a live suicide on his website to a mass audience. The announcement draw to his website more that visitors during the supposedly live broadcast of the suicide.

This was partly a promotion stunt for his new websites, and a social joke. Alki is known for his provocative pranks and humor.

Was it fake? Before the assisted suicide was shown live on, and when it was first suggested that it would take place, many thought it was an internet rumor or a joke. However, the promotion stunt fooled many, however, it did turn out to be nothing more than fake.

The video cut in, and people believed it was real. 30 seconds in to the video people were thinking, this isn’t real!? 30 seconds later, people knew it was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Alki David and his Captain

Alki then had a short talk. He claims the man who was supposed to be the brain cancer patient was simply his Boat captain, the supposed wife of the patient was his house keeper, and the doctors were real. The location and setting of the prank we pre-recorded in Greece.

Shockwaves were sent around the internet. Should a live assisted suicide be profited from and provided as entertainment to a mass audience?

Mr Alki David said that this prank would bring many questions, however, it is clear this was another one of Alki Davids marketing stunts.

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  1. this is the cheap bastard that wouldnt pay that poor man for streaking the president. screw that weasel, I hope he goes to jail for promoting a suicide whether or not it was a prank. he should not be making money off this at all.

  2. this guy again? really? you’d think this guy would get that people don’t like him since he stiffed that guy that got arrested

  3. people like him need to be dragged out in the street and dealt with. Suicide? first you get some guy to streak the president for $1 mil and then refuse to pay him causing the whole world to hate you, and now he’s joking around with suicides??? life is a precious thing not to be made fun of. everyone should send letters to your congressman and pres, letting them know that he should be kicked out the US and not permitted to be viewed online by anyone in the US. he can take that kind of personality back to where he came from and stick it where the sun dont shine, we dont need cheap suicide loving freaks like him in the world

  4. i hope he does, we defiantly dont need him. look at what hes done in the past, nothing good. nothing good has ever come from him and nothing ever will

  5. wait. wait. wait. that guy never got paid? i hope he sues him, my husband is a lawyer and says he will represent him just because this alki david character is a horrible person, ill see if i can find this streaker somewhere online like facebook and see if he is being represented by anyone if not my husband will. forget a million dollars, im thinking $100 million. 
    anyone know that streakers name?

  6. hey dumbasses he wasn’t close enough to the president, he got a100k consolation prize

  7. The streaker received money. He got 100k instead of 1 million because he did not follow all of the rules of the prank that were put in place well before the incident itself. Why would anyone just give the million over anyway if all of the rules were not followed properly? He still got away with more money than most people will ever receive at once in their entire life time. 100k, he also got his legal stuff sorted/payed for, he got his rent paid for about a year, and he also got a surgery paid for that his relative needed. That is all in addition to the 100k he received. So before you call Alki a cheap bastard maybe you should look into what actually happened. A cheap bastard wouldn’t have given him anything at all considering the rules were not even followed completely, but Alki was more than generous in my opinion.

  8. in what position are you to say he did not follow them properly? you don’t know the facts or what actually happened. I’ve spoken to the man personally before on battlecam & facebook and i can tell you that his legal fees were not paid, his rent was not paid for a year and his sister never got the money for her medical bills. Alki is not just a regular cheap bastard he is the king of cheap bastards.  hey but don’t take my word for it, that link up there is the streakers facebook. Ask him yourself what really happened. 

  9. Also to the guy above that is too scared to say who he is (who is most likely Alki himself)  10%? that is so cheap. the man got arrested, almost got years in jail over this, even went on tv and radio doing interviews, even newspaper interviews, and all you do is give him 10%? Anywhere from 50%-75% would’ve been reasonable if you honestly did’nt think he was seen and heard (which he was, if you watch the video you’ll see obama starts smiling really hard as though he wants to burst out laughing as soon as the streaker starts yelling battlecam naked), given all the circumstances and the amount of the challenge completed. I mean lets be serious, if you were him, would’nt you think you honestly deserve more than 10%? seriously think about it, 10% is a slap in the face, I would never give someone 10% in that position. This mans life is now battlecam, even when he is not there its battlecam, he is a living advertisement for Alki David and Battlecam for the rest of his life. In the history books he will ensure that Alki David and Battlecam will forever be remembered. That man was the first to streak a president, during the recession, and our first black president at that. Obama will be remembered everything about him will be remembered for he is our first black president, and people will know who  juan rodriguez, alki david and battlecam are, all thanks to the streaker. now tell me, after reading and understanding all that, if you were the streaker, do you think you deserve only 10%?

  10. Alki David just needs to break bread with the man and give him some more cash for his trouble. It certainally would’nt dent Alki’s bank account and Alki would probally make it all back in a days time from the publicity and traffic he would get from the media excitement of the streaker getting the rest or at least some more of the money. 

    It’s a smart business move from all sides, its free publicity,  free notoriety, free traffic, and the list goes on and on. It would be a idiot move not to give him the money right now, the original hype has faded, so now he would be getting additional fame, hype and media coverage seeing as it would be a new development in a older popular story for the media. Even if he hated the streaker it still would be a good move to do this. He would make at least 10 times his original investment in a very short time. Give the streaker the money, have him agree in writing that in exchange for the money he agrees to do interviews and such for Alki. Sit back and watch the money roll right in, cause remember alki does no work whatsoever in all this, the streaker does, he is essentially working his million while alki gets tons of fame, cash, notoriety and so on from it for a long long time

  11. yea but 100k is nowhere near reasonable for being almost shot at and having to go to jail. 

  12. he did follow the rules, Alki changed them after the challenge was completed in a attempt to stiff the man. 
    Having to get a statement from the president to confirm being seen and heard was never part of the rules, neither was actually being seen or heard, it was only the potential to be seen or heard that was asked of him. Alki is cheap and I can not support anyone who has that much money and has to stoop so low as to change the rules when its time to pay someone that honestly did what was asked of them

  13. I totally agree, giving him the money in exchange for working it off promoting alki and his site some more would assuredly be the right move. I don’t see how Alki can ever make himself or battlecam widely accepted while people remember what he did. Nobody respectable will want to deal with a man or site that conducts shady business.

  14. hey greekreporter, how about covering someone who does’nt lie to the media and actually pays his debts. assisted suicide? wow this guy must be desperate,

    i swear the next time i see a story on here about alki david or battlecam I am never coming back to this site again.

  15. He added me on facebook, i sent him a message asking what really happened. my brother works for AMnews (biggest newspaper in ny) in new york and will try to get a interview to stick in the paper in a few days, i’ll post back after I hear from the streaker.


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