Olympia Dukakis Narrates ‘Three Candles’ Documentary About Exiled Women on Trikeri Island

The filmakers Sophia Antonini and Stavroula Toska, who co-founded Orama Pictures, an independent production company, have written the documentary film ‘Three Candles’, that focuses on the real life accounts of women who were exiled to Trikeri Island during the Civil War in Greece (1946-1949) and years after its end.
These islands were concentration camps, under the disguise of rehabilitation centers, designed to horrifically torture and humiliate prisoners who stood up for what they believed and refused to sign the Declaration of Repentance.

Although there is documentation about the atrocities that occurred to the men during that period, an important part of that history involved women. There is very little documentation of what took place on Trikeri and the other islands where women were exiled, and there is no mention in Greek textbooks of this dark period or the government’s role in these historic events.

Despite these atrocities that they are bold enough to unveil, Sophia and Stavroula also convey a sense of giddiness and humor towards the mission they have embarked upon, and the experiences they have had in doing so.  Stavroula says, “It’s simply amazing that through all the adversity these women were experiencing – enduring years of exile filled with torture, rapes, starvation and daily deaths or executions and all at the hands of their own people – they had the courage to secretly document in notebooks the atrocities that were being committed against them.”.

The beautiful Grecian landscape is juxtaposed with black and white archival footage and photographs taken on Trikeri Island, which coupled with graphic animation will visually tell the story, while the filmmakers’ narrative will be supported by direct and unapologetic interviews with surviving political prisoners and exiles, current political figures, high profile celebrity artists, and historical, sociological and anthropological experts on the study of women involved in the Greek resistance.


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