Sofia Lama Stamatiades: The Greek-Mexican Star of Telenovelas


We met Sofia in her hometown, Mexico City, and she talked to us about her career, being Greek in Mexico, and her future plans that include coming to Hollywood.

One of the sexiest actresses of Mexico, Stamatiades has starred in several types of television shows, including telenovelas and variety shows in the USA. Stamatiades’ credits include Latin hit-shows Pecados Ajenos, Eva Luna and La Casa de al Lado.

Since childhood Sofia enjoyed theater, film and television. As she states in her exclusive interview with Greek Reporter, she started at the age of 11 as host of a children’s show, after her grandmother put her up for an audition and she was chosen by the producers.

In 2003, at age 16, she was given the opportunity to act in several television productions, and after that she has been working non-stop. .

After a few successful years as an actress in Miami, where she starred in Telemundo and Univision productions, Sofia recently returned to her native Mexico City.

“I spent a few years in Miami but now I want to focus on Mexican productions and work here.”

Her latest role, that of Alicia Gonzalez in the Univision production “Eva Luna”, has been a popular character in Latin households.

Stamatiades may not speak Greek, but as she says, she feels very Greek and she honors the Greek customs and traditions.

“I am sorry I don’t speak the language but I hope to learn it soon and it is in my plans to visit Greece again,” she says.

When it comes to men, Sofia says that Latins are overrated and that she is more attracted to European and Greek men.

Watch Sofia’s interview and let us know what you think in our comments section.


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