Amazing Interview of a ‘Nobody’: Leon Logothetis

There are not many people that capture the spirit of adventure like Leon Logothetis. He has traveled to so many countries that would take up most of the page if we mentioned them, and he has lived experiences that most people would not dare to, including fighting with a professional sumo wrestler and traveling from Europe to Mongolia in an old, small car. However, besides carrying his lucky red jacket on his journeys, the most important thing that he brings everywhere with him is the message to be positive and have the life you really want to live. The Greek adventurer, author, producer and TV host talks exclusively to GreekReporter about his amazing life experiences, his TV shows and how you can also throw your box over the edge and live the happy life you have always imagined. See Leon’s full interview below:


The young Greek was born in London and currently resides in Los Angeles. He worked for a few years in his family’s successfull business only to discover that his future couldn’t be behind a desk, or “a slab of wood,” as he calls it himself. It was then that he got the idea to create a travel show and wander around the world on five dollars a day depending on the kindness of strangers.

“I’ve traveled budget and I’ve traveled luxury. When you travel budget style, you are forced to connect with people and this is what my show is all about,” says Logothetis during our exclusive interview in Los Angeles, the city he now calls home.

After the success of the “Amazing Adventures of a Nobody” in the USA, Logothetis produced two more seasons traveling across the U.K. and Europe on five pounds and five euros a day respectively.

His show was picked up by major networks, including National Geographic and Discovery, giving him the opportunity to write a book with the same title about his travels.

After that, Logothetis felt the need to give back to all those who helped him, and that was how the idea for his second successful travel show, “The Kindness Cab,” was born.

During a period of one month, Leon traveled from Times Square to the Hollywood sign in a London Sterling Taxi, offering free rides to hundreds of people across America while he was raising money for schools to buy books.

And he did not stop there! Since then Logothetis has planned and attempted various travel and adventure shows, including Daycation, a show in which the travel host experiences everything a destination has to offer in 24 hours without a single break. One of the episodes featured Mykonos, and Logothetis says he is planning to return and shoot in Greece again.

Logothetis’ upcoming adventure is set for July, when he will participate in the Mongol Rally. More of a tough adventure than your usual car race, the event begins in Europe and ends in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. One of the requirements, as Leon says in our interview, is that you have to do the rally in a crappy car, something that aims to make the journey harder.

During our video interview, you’ll notice the Greek adventurer has experienced a lot since he left his office job, and if you believe that in order to be adventurous you need a lot of time or big travel plans, Leon breaks the myth.

“This is the thing – adventures don’t have to be big, adventures can be small, and they can spice up your life and they can infuse your soul with joy. One of the things I like doing when I am not feeling I am not in a great space – which I probably shouldn’t admit – is that I go over to a friend who has a pool and I jump in the pool with all my clothes on. By the time I finish that little escapade I feel joy has returned to my life. And it is little things we can do like that that can inspire this sense of joy that we all have but to a certain degree have pushed down.”

But what was the craziest idea Logothetis has ever come up with? He thought to put himself in solitary confinement for a week in order to experience the sense of being alone in a restricted area.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t find a prison that would take me,” he says.

Why do all this, besides the feeling of personal joy? Logothetis admits that as much fun as he has living his adventures, he is as passionate to pass a message along that took him years to discover himself: to throw your box and live your life as you wish.

“I go out and I have these crazy adventures, I meet all these wonderful people, I have all these interesting experiences, and a by-product of that is hopefully that someone sitting down in front of their TV screens thinks to themselves if he can do it, I can do it. They take their box, they throw it over the edge, and they can live their lives.”

To learn more about Leon you can visit his website

Risk always comes with a price, but we will never find out the tag if we don’t take it. Let us know what you think about Leon’s interview in our comments section. Hopefully, it inspired you to do something outside the box today.



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