Greek Tales: Myth and Reality

In these difficult times Greece is going through, one can only wonder where the truth lies, considering everything the media has been “feeding” people all this time.

A so-called mini documentary on BBC3, “Greek Myths: Traveling Heroes,” presented by Robin Lane Fox, an Oxford University history professor, showed a radically different version of Greek history than the one commonly known today.

This professor claimed that our Greek alphabet is actually “borrowed” from the Phoenician one, and in fact the 12 Greek gods were borrowed and adapted into the ancient Greek culture; the documentary – unfortunately – didn’t stop there! There were claims that Aphrodite was an Oriental (?) goddess and that the ancient Greeks stole her identity and created a similar goddess based on that oriental one!

Well, I guess Mr. Fox is not aware of the Greek DNA and the research that has taken place in institutions ranging from Stanford University in the US to Pavia University in Italy.

This research/investigation gives a straight answer to all those who try to destroy and distort, for whatever purpose, the Greek civilization, but above all the Greek identity. It proves that the Greek DNA has not been influenced by the Slavs, not even the Turks, despite the 400 year Turkish occupation. The Greek DNA is 99.5% original. We’re not connected to the Mongols or Indians, or any race that tries to prove otherwise. Watching the documentary, the audience may wonder about the real motives are of a “serious” channel like BBC, or of all those producers, directors, etc., who agree to be part of productions like that.


  1. He never suggested that Greeks are related biologically to the Phoencians or Orientals, so I don’t understand your point. Genealogy has nothing to do with cultural imports. Its quite well known that the Greek alphabet is Phoencian and that Greek Gods were largely foreign. So Russia uses an alphabet based on the Greek alphabet and has a Middle Eastern Religion (Christianity), and Britian uses a language that is largely Germanic and has a foreign God- responding that Russian or British DNA doesn’t show Greek or Middle Eastern DNA wont, as you understand, bear any relevance on this. None of this degrades Greek culture. 

  2. How do you mean Greeks are not influenced by other cultures? There are much older civilisations that Greek one. Greeks indeed borrowed or stole things from middle-eastern countries. And like the previous commentor. Genetics and cultural influences are not the same. About the genetics. It is proven that Greek DNA is not similar to European genetics. Therefore Greeks are alien to Europe. They have to much middle-eastern blood. Greek genetics is almost the same as Turkish one.

  3. Actually that s not accurate. The genetic heritage of the Greek people is very similar with the Italian people and it’s 5th in similarity with the genetic imprint of the Turkish people, who in turn have middle-asian origin. That is the result of a study that took place in 2004 about the genetic imprint of the european, russian and middle eastern people.,d.Yms

  4. That is right. The Greek race is unique, strikingly pure and connected to the ancient Greeks.

  5. And here there must be added that Great part of the modern turkish population are actually local population (such as greek) that has been forced by birth to be turkish (genitsars for example) no matter if they were of greek descent… so the limited similarity points mostly to that rather than the opposite (greeks being related to middle asia)