Katerina Moutsatsou Posts New Viral Video ‘The World is a Business’

After receiving a lot of media and public attention, mixed reactions, a month ago for her video “I am Hellene,” Greek actress Katerina Moutsatsou created a new viral video called “The World is a Business” dedicated to the new world order set in motion by the international banking sector.

“The World is a business, Miss Katmouts” (derived from shortening Katerina Moutsatsou) begins the newly posted video in which the actress sarcastically decries her previous YouTube post denouncing the present world financial system that is no longer built on values and human needs but rather on currency values and stocks.

The video is homage to Sidney Lumet’s 36-year-old film “Network” (1976), which is considered to be prophetic in describing the workings of the modern world. The parodied scene depicts Moutsatsou’s personal view on the Euro Zone debt crisis and on how private banks have taken the place of people and nations through their predatory behavior.

“The people shall not atone for sins they did not commit,” concludes the video.

Watch the full video here:



  1. Is this supposed to be news?  Any idiot that makes a video that caters to the idiots that are destroying Greece should be bombarded with yogurt at Syndagma!