Lady Gaga Reportedly Building Home on Crete

Lady Gaga’s new property, reportedly costing £10million (€12,7 million), is being built on the Greek island of Crete where the eccentric star bought land last year.

Sources told the Daily Star newspaper, ”It’s going to be absolutely phenomenal when she’s finished with it.”. The 26-year-old singer, who as a child attended a Catholic school in New York, is also planning to have a palace and a church on Crete.

The insider continued, ”It’s right on the water and appears to be floating, so anyone wanting a gander will only be able to see it if they go by boat.”

”Besides the palace and church, the project will also include a tennis court and two pools,” he explained.

The source added, ”It has ended up costing over £10m for the whole development and that’s only so far. Extra costs are sure to mount up.”

In 2010 it was rumored she was considering getting married on the Greek island with her boyfriend at the time, Luc Carl. Furthermore, this is not the first time that media have reported her intentions to have a house on Crete. Many believe she was deeply affected by Spinalonga, the small  island in northeastern Crete that was a leper colony.


  1. I’m not a fan or really know much about Lady Gaga, but it’s good to see her investing in Greece.  Hopefully it sends a message to other wealthy people that Greece is a good place to be right NOW!

  2. Gaga was too clever to invest in Greece and especially Crete! The cradle of european civilization, the best beaches in the mediterranean sea and breathtaking landscapes..

  3. Hope she will spend as much on stray dogs and cats, building shelters, neutering programs, what a relief it would be for those animals in Crete.


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