Madonna: “Greek People Have Nothing to Eat”

Famous pop singer Madonna decided to talk about financial issues on stage to showcase her political and social feelings to her French audience.

In a concert held in Olympia Stadium in Paris, Madonna stopped singing for a few minutes and commented on the financial crisis and its impact on Greece. She said that world is entering into very scary times due to international markets collapsing.

She did not forget to mention Greece as well. “People in Greece have nothing to eat,” she added. “People all over the world are suffering while many are afraid,” she continued and explained that “when afraid, people become intolerant and are pointing the finger to others.”

The pop singer concluded that “there’s no enemy. The enemy is within.” Watch the full video below: [youtube]nB2MA5yEvaM[/youtube]


  1. Okay then Miss Ciccone, you are filthy rich, help out. Buy food and send trucks to the Hellenic people. Otherwise…

  2. I was recently in Greece, and let me tell you Madonna…I was not hungry!!, the stores, agoras, restaurants have plenty of food, the economic crisis in Greece from what I saw is that the locals are on a tighter budget, therefore not running to restaurants and such places, the tourists like myself were eating just fine, as are the locals. 

    Please feel free and go on vacation and promote Greece to assist in its crisis instead of making the country and its people look starved, and putting them down!

  3. Madonna its time for you to move to a nursing home. Don’t even think about setting your foot in Greece again. You old hag! 

  4. Out of all the countries in Europe Greece would be the last country to not have food. Just recently I was in Greece and heard a German politician say the same thing on European television. I was stunned as I know in my heart that it was a lie to scare people and stop people travelling to Greece which in turn would put added pressure on the Greek community and enslave them financially. Greece has a financial crisis, most deftinately not a food crisis. A famous native American quote, “you can not eat money”. So no Madge, no Greek citizens or tourist will go with out food in Greece. Just yesterday I had feast in Greece and the day before that and every other day before that on my vacation. Greece has been invaded, attacked and occupied for centuries because of their resources and public comments like those made by German politicians and Madge are attacks on the Greek people. TRUTH AND LOVE.

  5. Just because you are rich doesn’t mean that you are intelligent,wise or knowlegeable. Madonna probably couldn’t point to Greece on a map. I doubt if she could even point to New York City. What she knows (like most people) she hears on the radio or tv news which sensationalises and generalise events.

  6. I heard on the news that Greece’s economy currently is  Equivalent to the Great Depression here in the USA. Maybe people on vacation visiting the restaurant might not get the whole picture but… terrisism has killed tourism and the land is dry for farming. That doesnt leave much to do for money. They probally do have to get “creative” to find food to eat. Which includes a lot of “greens from their yards” according to a recent documentary as to why people in Greece live longer

  7. She says anything that comes to her mind, without even being well informed. Her words mean nothing, but people are still impressed by whatever she says.