Jennifer Aniston Dons Baby Bump for Spoof Video

With her impending nuptials to fiance Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston may be poking a little fun at tabloid stories by wearing a huge baby bump in a spoof video/commercial for smartwater.

In the ad, Aniston is pregnant with triplets, and already has two other children – an alien and television host Jimmy Kimmel. The black and white footage from a surveillance camera inside her home is supposedly leaked online, showing “clips” of men lifting the Greek-American actress, her pool being filled up with smartwater, as well as her removing a black velcro tummy strap that holds her large belly in to hide it from public view.

As Ryan Seacrest breaks the news, she is also shown taking off a wig, and really having tight, curly brown hair underneath. A pregnant Aniston showcases numerous wigs in her home that mimic the famous hairstyle she’s known for.

Take a look at the amusing video below:


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