Jim Gianopulos to Become Sole Chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment

Jim Gianopulos has served as co-chair of Fox Filmed Entertainment since 2000 alongside Tom Rothman. The recent announcement of Rothman’s departure has left Fox with the decision to make Gianopulos the sole chairman to run their film division, making him an even more prominent force in the entertainment industry.

The proud Greek-American, who, according to The Los Angeles Times, has a cheeky poster on his office wall placing him in a Hollywood movie as “The Greek,” has formed a comradery with some of the industry’s major filmmakers including James Cameron and George Lucas. The article refers to Gianopulos as “a son of Greek immigrants known for his expertise in international distribution, digital devices and filmmaker relationships but not making and marketing movies.”

With some challenges ahead, all eyes are on Gianopulos and his new role at one of Hollywood’s leading studios. The change is expected to alter the shape of things at Fox, as Gianopulos has led the way into the digital aspect of movies, such as downloading, having been a friend of the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

Rothman will officially leave his position on January 1, which is when Gianopulos will take over as sole chairman.


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  3. Why Gianopulos and not Giannopoulos? Ignoring the Greek tradition… anyway, best of luck to him!