New Horror Flick ‘Stripped’ Has Greek Blood in It

Christina Aloupi and Kosta Trouva on the red carpet
Christina Aloupi and Kosta Trouva are acting and co-produced “Stripped,” a new indie thriller.

Los Angeles was the backdrop for a private screening and preview of the indie horror flick “Stripped” this past Tuesday.

The film, shot in home-video style, revolves around a group of 20-somethings who document their trip to Las Vegas for a wild birthday party, and things end up going terribly wrong. Lured by strippers into the hands of a mad doctor, the unsuspecting friends find themselves in a torture chamber as their body parts are gruesomely removed to be sold on the black market.

Not for the faint of heart, “Stripped” is stamped with an “NR: Watch At Your Own Risk” rating. Electra Avellan, the niece of movie director Robert Rodriguez (“Grindhouse,” “Sin City”), came on-board as presenter and producer. The cast includes a group of up-and-coming actors, some of who also produced or co-produced the film, including two Greeks – Kosta Trouva (co-producer) and Christina Aloupi (co-producer) – as well as Nicole Sienna (producer), Josh Cole (producer), and Tommy Kijas (co-producer).

Aloupi, a model/actress/host from Thessaloniki, moved to Los Angeles just a few years ago to pursue a career in Hollywood. “Stripped” is her first project as co-producer, and she plays the seductive “Sasha” in the film. Having appeared in a few television series, including “One Tree Hill” and “Love Bites,” Trouva also takes on his first co-producing credit with the horror film, and plays the role of “Brad.”

Greek Reporter caught up with the cast and crew at the event, which had a large turnout of supporters, fans and celebrities including “Lost Boys” alum Corey Feldman.


“Stripped” is available for download on the film’s website – For additional information, visit the Facebook page –, or follow “Stripped” updates on Twitter –