Alex Proyas to Direct ABC Drama ‘Evolve’

Feature film director Alex Proyas is taking his first turn into television with the drama “Evolve.”

Proyas will get behind the camera and also executive produce the series, which will air on the ABC network. “Evolve” is based on the science-fiction/fantasy trilogy “Toxic City.” The story is set in Los Angeles two years after an unknown biological chemical is released over the city. With the area remaining restricted, a group of ordinary citizens outside the quarantined zone embark on a mission to uncover the truth of what happened to their family, only to find humans who have extraordinary abilities and a powerful government trying to destroy them.

Proyas was born to Greek-Egyptian parents in Egypt and moved to Australia at the age of two. After attending film school in Sydney and making critically acclaimed short films, he was recruited by Hollywood. Some of his directing credits include “The Crow,” “I, Robot,” and “Dark City.”


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