Greeks Offer Innovative Services for Reels in Hollywood

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Greek entrepreneurs and Homeric Pictures co-founders Konstantinos Mousoulis and Marina Dimitra Yele teamed up this past September to form LA Demo Reels, a business that helps budding artists take that first step to start a career in Hollywood.

With clients across the United States, LA Demo Reels creates various types of scenes for talent as well as custom-tailored short films. Mousoulis, a director and writer, and the Creative Director behind LA Demo Reels, says the team takes a professional approach to a client’s reel as if they were making an actual movie.

“Some people know what they want, other’s don’t,” he points out.

Konstantinos Mousoulis
Director Konstantinos Mousoulis

“The clients choose the script, or we create a new one based on their preferences and budget. We brainstorm with the writer…we agree on character, genre and what best promotes them. Quality is the most important element to our work.”

From there, it takes about one to two weeks of production to get to the final cut. So far, creating a demo reel has proved to be a step in the right direction for those looking to gain work in the industry.

The newly formed company has already helped many artists gain exposure and book jobs in the tough market of Hollywood.

“LA Demo Reels put me on the map of the Film Industry in Hollywood. It’s solid work, created from talented professionals that have a lot to offer in the world of entertainment!,” says Christos Vassilopoulos, an actor starring in Banshee, Cinemax’s latest popular series.

“People we’ve worked with have gone on to book big jobs in feature films and popular TV shows after creating a reel with us. We had people fly in from other States to create a reel with us, and then they started booking jobs from there,” adds Mousoulis.

“The last short film we did for actors titled “Angel Without Wings” got into the Boston International Film Festival, and we are currently in pre-production creating another comedy/drama which will be targeted specifically for film festivals.”

Marina Yele
Producer Marina Demetra Yele

Currently, LA Demo Reels is the only company that, apart from scenes, goes through the process of creating an actual short film for actors. They’re open to working with other professionals as well, and provide services for music videos and hosting reels. They have also done fight choreography for fighters that want to transition into film.

While Mousoulis and Yele work with artists just starting out, they continue to keep the wheels turning on the bigger picture as well, including feature films.

“It’s a rewarding job we do while working on our feature film projects,” notes Yele.

Homeric is currently working on an indie action flick that will be shot as an “one-shot,” meaning it will be filmed in one continuous take. The production company is also developing a very unique film which will be a horror take on Greek Mythology involving Heracles (or Hercules) before he became a known hero.

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Below you can watch a comedy and a fight scene created by LA Demo Reels: