Hugh Jackman’s Greek Origin

the_wolverine_2013_movie-wideIn his interview to the Greek TV channel Star, the well-known Australian actor Hugh Jackman talked about his Greek origin. In particular, one of Jackman’s paternal great-grandfathers was Greek.

“It is true that I have a Greek origin. Bellas was the family name two generations back. As an Australian, we have so many Greeks living there that it feels like I am half Greek. And I am actually, by blood!”

He also added his wish to play in a Greek movie. “If there is any Greek filmmaker who has a part for a tall Australian, let me know,” he said characteristically.

Jackman also explained why the role of Wolverine is so important to his career. “This part is certainly the foundation of my career. It was my first job and I love it and I’m probably enjoying it more than ever. I really am, and I’m forever grateful for lining a part which is interesting and complex.”

But Jackman was not the producers’  first choice. Russell Crowe was offered the part of Wolverine first, but he turned it down and mentioned Jackman. “I’m forever grateful to Russel,” Jackman told the Greek TV channel.

The Wolverine was released on July 24 in various international markets, on July 25 in Australia and on July 26 in the United States.



  1. Philotimo is what makes Greeks Greek. I have met full-blooded “Greeks” who are extremely westernized and have no philotimo. They are not Greek.