Maria Menounos in the Ring

89F28B3A12BF4BB177D4BA4EA59B4616Maria Menounos showed her wrestling skills on August 18 in the annual show for the WWE’s Summerslam Axxess in Los Angeles.

Wearing a tiny, sexy glittering bustier with the Greek flag and skintight blue leggings of the same glittering material, as well as black wrestling boots, the television personality of Greek origin climbed into the ring and won the female wrestlers Brie Bella and Eva Marie.

Menounos is not a professional athlete or wrestler, but works out every day and successfully entered the world of wrestling in 2009, when she made her debut.


  1. pff cosmopolitan way of life.
    What has that woman has to offer (i know my English suck) to the mankind? Have she done something worthy for the humans? Let me guess her life is all about glamour, living in a rich house, making some new fabulous friends and presenting the daily Hollywood news to low-life tennager girls who want to be as popular as those women?

  2. Overmore, there are 3 greek words to describe that kind of women:
    Μποτοξ και καπι (AKA Sex and the City)