Bruce Willis Corfu Resident


Bruce Willis is another acknowledged Hollywood star who could not resist the beauty of Greece and decided to make investments in the country. Reports said that tough-guy Willis has bought land in Kavos on the island of Corfu.

The famous actor was holiday-making on Corfu along with his wife and their daughter and as it seems during their summer vacation the family  found its perfect small heaven. Within the past few years, Willis has  constantly been buying and selling property, having recently sold his Beverly Hills mansion to buy a new villa in New York city.

Everything was done in great secrecy and the luxurious villa is now the property of the Hollywood superstar and new Corfu resident, Bruce Willis.


  1. LOL They got Die Hard because he fought German terrorists twice already. Now he can fight German Banking Terrorists!

  2. Yanni, no that wasn’t Bruce Willis in that move. Wasn’t that Gerard Butler in “300” ??? He played King Leonidas if I remember correctly right?