‘Twerking Girl on Fire’ Daphne Avalon is of Greek Descent!


Daphne Avalon a.k.a. Caitlin Heller, the girl who created one of the most viral pranks online, is the granddaughter of famous Greek TV Host Nikos Mastorakis. Mastorakis, who was very popular in the 90’s, is a TV legend in Greece.

The viral video that exploded across the world, the “Worst Twerk Fail Ever,” was a hoax all along, instigated by comedian Jimmy Kimmel and professional Hollywood stuntwoman Daphne Avalon. Avalon played the character of Caitlin Heller and had thousands of news outlets talking about the “dangers of twerking.”

Daphne Avalon is a professional Hollywood stunt woman and has appeared in the hit TV show “Glee,” worked on a Call of Duty commercial (she was the “horse lady” in the Black Ops II TV spot) and has a degree in Sociology. Avalon also loves horses, as she declares on her Twitter account!

Check out this photo from Daphne’s Instagram with her grandfather Nikos Mastorakis.

Watch the video of the prank below:



  1. Mastorakis is king! I loved his movie “O Anemos” as one of the best scary movies ever to come out of Greece….And his daughter is just as lovely.


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