Criss Angel Launches New Show “BeLIEve” on Spike TV – Watch Trailer

Criss Angel Believe

Criss Angel who is considered one of the greatest magicians of all time, will launch a new show on Spike TV called “BeLIEve,” October 15th.

The show will be unlike anything we have ever seen before for not only will it include unprecedented stunts and illusions, but it will also go through the process of how these tricks are conceived, how they evolve and the mechanics behind it. The Greek-American, whose real name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, does this in order “to teach the audience how to think about [the stunts] so that they can have a greater appreciation when they see [him] do these things.”

The new show, which premieres on October 15, 2013 at 10pm, will be consisted of 11 episodes and over 100 mind-blowing demonstrations that defy the very laws of nature. According to Criss Angel, the show is shot mainly in Las Vegas (Criss’s house) and other parts of the US and Mexico. The season finale will be December 17, 2013 and it will end with what Criss calls “The Trinity” in which he will escape, vanish and reappear within a certain countdown with something detonating inches away from him.

However, let’s not rush yet to the end for the opening of the season will be a treat of it’s own. For the opening of the show, Criss will balance on two “swinging steel beams” with a gap and leap from one to the other blindfolded. In addition, Criss in an attempt to honor the great Houdini and launch the series from a “publicity perspective,” will hang upside down during an undisclosed time and location in NY wearing two straight jackets and will have to escape from both before choking.

Criss Angel who claims there is no trickery or magic involved in his stunts, seems more than eager to share some of his secrets as well as the process and team work that goes into creating all the demonstrations. He does this so as to make an impact on the audience’s everyday lives. He wants them when they’re done watching the show, not to simply move on with their daily lives, but to see their lives from a different perspective.

Watch the trailer below:


Unlike in “Mindfreak,” this show will be more original and supernatural in nature and will involve a lot more than just his signature death-defying tricks. Moreover, Criss says, unlike in “Mindfreak,” this time he wants to take it slow. Because of the originality of the show, he is not certain if it will continue for another season or not, but he says he will decide as he goes. Criss seems to have a clear understanding of the short attention span and rapid change in technology and peoples’ tastes so he strives to constantly reinvent himself.

In attempt to do this, Criss will even deal with the controversial subject of reviving the dead. He claims we wants to attempt and see if he can give a recently deceased person one more breathe before he is reunited once again with the underworld.

Spike TV says they’re thrilled to work with Criss Angel who fits perfectly their “evolving adult brand” on a show that will excite, challenge and amaze us so this. Therefore, this is something we will not want to miss.