Mr. Panos Reveals Secret Project “Mickey Mouse” in New Video

Mr. Panos Video

Mr. Panos, one of the funniest Greek youtube characters, reveals the truth behind “Project Mickey Mouse” in a new youtube video. The secret project is carried out by CIA according to Panos. The comedic mastermind behind Mr. Panos is Greek-American Yiannis Pappas who recently joined “The Morning Show” on Fusion Network.

The Greek-American writer, performer and producer has done several shorts, commercials, and of course a lot of stand up comedy.Yannis has also gained thousands of fans through Mr. Panos’ video blog where the fictional 60 year-old Queens restaurant owner blogs to the world his opinions and Greek values through his son’s camera capabilities.
Watch the latest video on the secret “Mickey Mouse Club.”


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  1. Mr. Panos is an idiot. Self-deprecating humour is funny once and and awhile but he’s a talentless hack that only mocks Greeks. In so doing he only re-enforces negative stereotypes of Greeks. (cowardly joining in with the masses of anti-greek bigots that look the other way with the Skopians). Aristotle warned that humour could be used as a political weapon. With idiotic antihellenes like Mr. Panos, who needs enemies. (guaranteed a left winger)


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