Michael Chiklis Has Some Fun with ‘Tough Justice’

MichaelChiklisKnown for his often tough guy roles, Michael Chiklis is poking some fun in a hilarious new cop drama spoof posted on Funny or Die.

“Tough Justice” is a [fake] series that centers on a female Chicago police detective named Connie Tough (played by “Downton Abby”‘s Michelle Dockery) who has an interesting way of taking down criminals. The website describes the mock series, which supposedly airs on cable network TNT, as “the hottest new cop drama that’s not at all anachronistic.” Chiklis is paired alongside the hard hitting detective, and delivers comedic lines that make Officer Tough get, well, tough. After accusing her of being on “that time of the month,” Tough pins Chiklis’ character up against a wall…and he actually looks intimidated.

“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm also lends his talent to the series as narrator.

Take a look below at the “trailer” on Funny or Die and let us know what you think in the comments!