Director Alexander Payne Getting Close-Up in Los Angeles

Payne 1Greek-American filmmaker Alexander Payne will be taking part in Film Independent’s Directors Close-Up in Los Angeles, Calif.

The event, which runs once a week from February 11-March 12, offers filmmakers and film lovers the chance to hear directly from the best indie directors and their collaborators, as they explore specific aspects of their craft. Featuring in-depth conversations, participants in the program get to ask questions and experience rare insight into the creative process.

Payne will speak during week 3 at the Landmark Theater, on Thursday, Feb. 27. The intimate conversation with the Academy Award-winning director will go in-depth on his films, career, and the ways in which he has been able to balance artistic integrity with the demands of the marketplace.

Payne’s latest film, “Nebraska,” is up for six Oscars this year, including Best Director and Best Picture.

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The Independent Spirit: A Conversation with Alexander Payne is open to the public. Tickets for the event, and all presentations for the Directors Close-Up, are available through Film Independent. For more information, visit


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